Mistborn Author Brandon Sanderson Collaborated on Moonbreaker’s Sci-Fi Universe

While Mistborn author Brandon Sanderson is obviously more known for his literary works, Sanderson has quite a history with video games too. He has expressed interest in Witcher 3 CD Projekt Red developer making an adaptation of his famous series, there has been a Mistborn crossover in Fortnite, and Bandai Namco has seemingly expressed interest in working with him too. A lot could be on the horizon, but in the here and now, it’s been revealed that Sanderson has worked on a new upcoming RTS game, Moonbreaker.


Moonbreaker is a love letter to tabletop fans, as an RTS game focused on bringing the feeling of sitting at a table together with friends to a digital game. It has an expansive universe set in a region called the Reaches, where moons are harvested for a resource called Cinder (which translates to gameplay too). There are multiple factions and characters involved, and as revealed during a recent preview event Game Rant attended, Sanderson was directly involved in the game.

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Namely, Brandon Sanderson worked on Moonbreaker ‘s world and universe, the various cultures players encounter, specific characters, and several captain stories. This includes, for example, work on the three primary cultures currently in the game: the Methedori, the Cholek, and the Smugglers. The latter is pretty self-explanatory, but the Cholek are a natural, spiritual race with a lot of greens and blues in its design, and the Methedori are essentially space Romans.

In terms of captains, there will be three at launch: Extilior, a warbot that has gained sentience and seeks to atone for its past crimes; Astra, a young Methedori who has been cast out from her people di lei; and Zax, a smuggler who blew himself up and no longer has his body di lui. Instead, he is just a hologram seeking to restore his body of him. Of course, authors collaborating with games is nothing new, but the beauty is, when done right, that the influences between the two meld together. It’s hard to detach George RR Martin’s influence on Elden Ring from FromSoftwarefor example, and at least as revealed so far, it seems the same for Moonbreakers.

Moonbreakers checks a lot of boxes for fans of Sanderson’s work, RTS games, and tabletop games like Warhammer, so it may be a surprise winner from Gamescom for many. Indeed, fans will be able to check it out for themselves when it launches in early access next month.

Moonbreaker releases in early access on September 29 for PC.

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