Moment tourist falls overboard from charter boat in Australia caught on camera

A man has fallen overboard after a boat with several passengers hit huge waves on Australia’s NSW South Coast.

Graham Martin was filming the charter boat with tourists going out to sea near Narooma as the waves came rolling in.

As the boat hit a big wave, the front lifted into the air, and a passenger was thrown out of the back.

Martin said the big wave came through and hit the boat with a bang, causing the man to fall overboard.

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“We started realizing it was pretty precarious, there are sharp jagged rocks either side of him,” Martin said.

He said people “started to cry” as the situation unfolded.

The man falls overboard as the tourist charter boat hits a huge swell.


The man falls overboard as the tourist charter boat hits a huge swell.

“Certainly my wife and I took the kids away in case there was something bad that they could have seen.”

Martin said a bodyboarder went to help and about five men rescued the man after he was in the ocean for about 25 minutes.

“I wasn’t expecting a boat to go through…certainly it was crazy enough to pick up my phone to film it,” Martin said.

“A male in his 50s was taken to South East Regional Hospital (Bega) in a stable condition with potential chest injuries,” NSW Ambulance said.

Two others were also taken to Moruya Hospital with potentially broken limbs.

Luckily all passengers escaped without serious injury

– This article was published on 9News and is republished with permission.

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