Mourners of Queen asked not to leave tribute teddy bears and sandwiches

Mourners and well-wishers have lined up to pay tribute to their late Queen after she passed away on the afternoon of September 8, 2022, aged 96.

According to the Daily MailRoyal Parks bosses have asked mourners to stop leaving Paddington Bear and marmalade sandwich tributes in honor of the Queen – and to stick to unwrapped flowers instead.

Children across the grieving country have come to pay their respects to the late monarch with The Paddington teddy bears and sandwiches as a nod to the her charming sketch filmed a few months ago.

In June, 2022, the Queen made a rare acting appearance in a hilarious sketch together Paddington Bear, a bear from Peru, for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

In the short sketch, the Queen can be seen having a tea party with Paddington. As Paddington pulls out a marmalade sandwich from his hat “for emergencies”, the Queen also pulls one out from her purse di lei.

The video became widely popular and has been dubbed as one of the few moments where the Queen showed her lighter side.

Royal Parks, which manages the dedicated site for tributes at Green Park, said that only unwrapped floral tributes should be left in memory of the Queen. They are encouraging people to only leave ‘organic’ material so it can begin to decompose, reports the publication.

In a statement on their website issued this morning Royal Parks said: “Unfortunately, no gifts and artefacts will be accepted and the public will be asked not to bring these to the parks.”

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