MultiVersus’ Gizmo Will Be a Support Character, Releases This Week

Gizmo from Gremlins is making his way to MultiVersus, as Player First Games recently confirmed. And even though the team went ahead and said he’d be a separate fighter from Stripe, it also just recently confirmed that Gizmo will be a support character in addition to listing out a few of his abilities di lui.

The studio announced Gizmo’s class on Twitter with a quick summary of his move set. Gizmo will be able to fire an arrow that will ignite if fully charged, attach to the back of his allies, and sing to damage his opponents. And since he is a support, he’ll have some sort of buff for his teammate or debuff for his enemies, but that hasn’t been spelled out yet. He’ll have other moves, but those also have yet to be revealed.

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Those moves will be shown off soon since Gizmo is coming to the game on September 8, as Player First confirmed last week. The wording implies that he was originally slated for September 6, but was delayed.

Stripe doesn’t have a release date, which is odd considering he was revealed well before Gizmo. Regardless, he will be added to the game sometime in the next few months as Season 1 rolls out.

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