OnePlus refutes 10T durability claims

OnePlus has refuted the claims of a prominent YouTuber that the brand’s latest OnePlus 10T flagship phone has durability issues.

Last week, established handset botherer JerryRigEverything subjected the OnePlus 10T to his smartphone torture chamber, and it did not emerge smelling of roses.

Just as with the OnePlus 10 Pro earlier in the year, the OnePlus 10T bent in half along its camera module when exposed to inwards pressure from a claw-like two-handed grip. Now OnePlus has issued a response to these durability claims, and it seems defiant in the face of such video evidence.

“The OnePlus 10T meets or exceeds all of OnePlus’ extensive durability testing procedures,” reads a OnePlus statement provided to Gadgets 360. “This includes a pressure test where the device is suspended while weight is applied to its center on both its front and back.”

According to OnePlus, “The OnePlus 10T has an enhanced structure engineering design and can bear over 45kg of external force in this test at OnePlus’ lab”.

We have no doubt that OnePlus is telling the truth here, and that the OnePlus 10T passed its own internal tests. But it seems equally clear that the phone failed the aforementioned third party test. Yes, the method used is more prosaic, and you wouldn’t typically subject any phone to this kind of pressure in real world usage.

But it’s also worth noting that the same JerryRigEverything test has been applied to countless rival smartphones, and few have failed quite so spectacularly.