Passenger furious about being moved on plane so mother and baby can access bassinet

In a series of comments, the passenger revealed the flight was with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) – a carrier they said they won’t be traveling with again.

Although they claimed it was a 10-hour flight to New York, SAS flies to the Big Apple direct from Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm, each of which generally has a flight time of between eight and nine hours.

After complaining over the phone about their seat change, the passenger said they and their partner were upgraded to other seats that supposedly offered the same legroom.

“After hearing like ‘yeah so sorry but the mom needs easy access to the bathrooms and she needs to put her baby bed in front’ and all that… I don’t know, I just got so pissed,” they continued.

“Why is a mother traveling with such a young child? Why did they act like I was the crazy one for not wanting to give up our seats we paid for to a ‘helpless mother’ who needs it?”

Commenters were largely supportive of the Foxieon’s point of view on the ‘childfree’ subreddit, but some pointed out that it’s standard practice for airlines to shift passengers when babies are involved, for reasons such as access to the bassinets.

“We should all write to [the airline] reminding [them] that the child-free usually have more money to spend on traveling, and we will not be conducting our business with them after this bullshit treatment, “said one.

“So you basically had to spend 2+ hours of your life arguing with someone to get what you paid for – that sucks, honestly. You should tweet about the airline and tag their official twitter handle,” said another.

A third fumed: “I detest that we don’t have kids so we don’t have to accommodate our lives to fit a child’s needs yet WE STILL HAVE TO!”

Another commenter reasoned: “I get completely why they would need the special seats, same as wheelchair users on a bus.”

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