Philips Hue now has RGB lighting strips for your monitor

Philips Hue just launched a lineup of Hue gradient lightstrips for your PC. They’re shorter versions of the existing TV-sized onescreated to go behind your monitor.

That way, you can add bias lighting in diffused, addressable RGBW lighting. The new gradient lightstrips don’t need the Hue Play Sync box to work, they now work from the Hue Sync desktop app.

The app keeps track of what’s on-screen and adjusts the colors from the gradient lightstrip accordingly.

Speaking of the Hue Play Sync boxthat will soon be controllable from the main Hue app. No more switching between the two apps to control your lighting.

The associated big announcement is that the gradient lightstrips for PC (and everything else Hue makes) can be controlled from Corsair’s iCUE app.

That makes your Hue lights sync with your Corsair RGB products, making your entire room glow. It’s an interesting partnership when most other smart light brands partner with Razer for its Synapse software.

Philips Hue is undeniably the big name recognition brand for smart lighting. We’ll have to see which pairing gamers prefer.

Image: KnowTechie

The Philips Hue gradient lightstrips for PC will be available starting September 13. Additionally, the Corsair iCUE connectivity will also be available in September.

There will be three options, a bundle sized for displays from 24- to 27-inches for $ 169.99, 32- to 34-inches for $ 189.99, and a larger bundle that supports three 24- to 27-inch monitors for $ 279.99.

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