Prince Harry concerned for Royal family’s ‘young kids’

Prince Harry has expressed concern for the “young kids” within the Royal familysaying he hoped his efforts to reform the monarchy would help them.

The Duke of Sussex told US breakfast show Good Morning America that, if nothing changed, their future partners might be treated the same as Meghan.

The comment suggests his aim is to change the royal model for future “spares” such as Princess Charlotte, seven, and four-year-old Prince Louis.

Asked about the Royal family’s perceived “co-dependency” with the tabloid media, he said: “I worry about other young kids within that family if this continues.

“Because who’s to say that someone else doesn’t fill my shoes and that their partner, whether it’s a husband or a wife or boyfriend or a girlfriend, doesn’t get treated exactly the same as Meghan did?”

The Duke has faced criticism for making a slew of intimate revelations in his memoir, Spare. But he insisted the book, which was officially published on Tuesday, could not make things any worse because they had already hit rock bottom.

He claimed Prince William was “jealous” of his role as the “spare” because he had more freedom. But he did not rule out a future role working for the monarchy, admitting that he and his wife want to support the Commonwealth and that was “of course on the table”.


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