Prince Harry to expect ‘no forgiveness’ from King after ‘smearing’ of Camilla

Prince Harry has irretrievably hurt his father, King Charles, with his opinions on Queen Consort Camilla.

The Duke of Sussex, who has described his father’s second wife as a potential ‘wicked stepmother’ in a memoir titled ‘Spare’, has risked his father’s wrath.

Royal expert, Simon Heffer, who personally knows the Queen Consort, writes in Telegraph how the Duke’s move is painful for the monarch.

“He accused the Queen of having “sacrificed” him “on her personal PR altar” and added that “she was the villain, she was a third person in the [King’s] marriage [to Diana, Princess of Wales]”.

He added: “In the interview with the American show – CBS’s 60 minutes – Harry further accused his stepmother of needing ‘to rehabilitate her image”, which made her “dangerous because of connections she was forging within the British press”

“This astonishing assault on his father’s wife raises two questions: will the King ever forgive him – and will these accusations damage the reputation the Queen has assiduously built up in nearly 18 years of marriage and public duties? The King was said by his friends to be ready to forgive his younger son’s transgressions. However, no-one could be surprised if His Majesty’s sympathies were now irrevocably strained by this smearing of his wife,” he concluded.

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