Prince Harry wears necklace broken in fight with William on The Late Show: ‘It’s been fixed’

Prince Harry’s memoir has provided no shortage of conversation starters, ranging from the very serious to the completely unexpected. (“Frostnipped todgers”, anyone?)

One of the earliest details to leak ahead of the book’s official publication date was Harry’s recollection of a fight with Prince William that he says turned physical and left him injured.

As the argument escalated, the Duke of Sussex claimed his brother “grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace and… knocked me to the floor”.

Harry has revisited the topic of the fight in his interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Showeven revealing the jewelery in question.

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“What necklace was this that he broke?” the talk show host asked, to which Harry replied, while reaching into his shirt, “This one, which is now fixed.”

The duke then explained the significance of the pendants attached to the leather strap.

Prince Harry shows the necklace broken during a fight with Prince William.

screengrab/the late show

Prince Harry shows the necklace broken during a fight with Prince William.

“We’ve got my kids’ heartbeats, which my wife gave me,” he said, holding out two identical silver engraved charms.

It’s an undoubtedly lovely gift, and not a surprising one; the Duchess of Sussex’s love of personalized, sentimental jewelery is well documented.

Over the years, Meghan has worn several necklaces and bracelets featuring symbols related to her husband and childrenbe it their star signs, their birth stones or the initials of their names.

Harry also showed Colbert a round pendant on the necklace made for him by a friend in Botswana, featuring a tiger’s eye.

So, if you’d been wondering which of Harry’s necklaces was broken, now you know.

This article first appeared on Nine Honey and is republished with permission.

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