Prince Harry’s behavior could wreck potential bond between his children and their royal cousins

Prince Harry has been issued a heartfelt plea about his children Lilibet and Archie Harrison by Melanie Cable-Alexander.

The ex-partner of late Antony Armstrong-Armstrong, the first Lord Snowdon reminded Harry about her story, saying she always refused to take money to speak about her high-profile relationship with the former husband of Princess Margaret.

She tried to teach the Duke a lesson as she advised him not to add to the fire with her media stunts as it won’t be good for his and Meghan Markle’s children.

Melanie explained how she was dragged to the spotlight, saying: “The more I said, the more I would fan the flames, and the longer the story would linger.”

Her concern was focused on the son born from the four-year relationship with Lord Snowdon, Jasper, and the effect reading her mother’s words in the press could have on him once he was old enough to understand them.

Cable-Alexander, was a feature editor at Country Life magazine when she met Lord Snowdon in 1997, wrote in the Daily Mail: “Each time I read or hear another word by him about his rift with the royals or the misery of his life before -Meghan, I wince for his two young children.With so much dirty linen being washed in public, so many accusations flung, how on earth is it going to affect Archie, aged three, and one-year-old Lilibet, in future? At this rate, I fear Harry is perpetuating for his own children those same feelings of vulnerability, insecurity and ‘spareness’ that he himself so palpably possesses.”

While she acknowledged her “public storm” is not comparable in size to the public attention the Duke of Sussex had to deal with his whole life, the writer said it took her “stoicism and guts” to weather the storm she found herself into in the late 1990s.

And as a result of her stance, her son has created a “thriving relationship” with both sides of the family. She added: “Will Harry’s children be able to say the same of their relationship with their cousins, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte? Or, more likely, has Harry’s behavior wrecked the potential bond between them?”

Antony Armstrong-Jones, Welsh photographer and filmmaker and ex-husband of Princess Margaret, became world-famous for marrying Queen Elizabeth’s sister. He is best known for his portraits of world notables, many of them published in world famous magazines.

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