Princess Charlene ‘permissive’ parenting compares with Kate Middleton

Princess Charlene ‘permissive’ parenting compares with Kate Middleton

British Princess, Kate Middleton, and Prince of Monaco, Charlene, have methods in bringing up their children.

Jasmine Peters, a parenting expert, tells Express.co.uk the difference between the parenting styles of the two Royals.

She reveals: “Princess Charlene gives a small clue into her permissive parenting style when she spoke to the French magazine ‘Point de Vue’ about raising her twins in November 2019.

“As a permissive parent, children are allowed and welcomed to discuss things openly with their parents. Permissive parenting engages a less formal style than one might expect of a Royal Family.”

Ms Peters continued: “On the plus side, this is seen as a more modern style of parenting with fewer rules and expectations of children. Children are openly loving and caring with their children.

Kate Middleton and Prince William on the contrary, are more ‘authoritative.’

Ms Peters explained: “In essence, it is likely that the permissive parenting style may become a more authoritarian one, such as that adopted by the Prince and Princess of Wales in order to maintain a degree of royal property and privacy.”

“Permissive parents rarely discipline their children and avoid the unpleasantness of confrontation whenever possible. Instead of rules and expectations, they choose to let children figure things out for themselves.”

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