Raleigh Beer Garden holds world record for the most beers on tap

Raleigh Beer Garden in North Carolina holds the record for the most beers on tap. Photo / Facebook, @raleighbeergarden

If you struggle to decide on what meal to order or movie to watch, you may want to give Raleigh Beer Garden in North Carolina a miss.

At this American bar, if you want a beer on tap, you’ll have to choose from more than 400 options.

Raleigh Beer Garden is known locally and globally for its incredible selection of beers on tap; a selection that has won it three Guinness World Records.

Here, you can enjoy the largest number of beers on tap in one place, as well as the most varieties of beer on draft taps.

According to general manager Gillian Shepherd, the beer garden was originally owned by an Irishman who had a strong passion for beer.

“His vision was to bring beers from all over the world into one place while also highlighting North Carolina,” she told CNN, adding that 144 of the brews were local and 22 were international.

Of the extensive collection, Shepherd said many could only be found in two locations; Raleigh Beer Garden and the actual brewery itself.

Online, the interactive menu shows off the hundreds of options, from Pale Ales to Pilsners, Blondes to Brown Ales, and seemingly everything in between.

To ensure their staff are up to speed on the many (many) types of beer, they host a “Beer School” session for new employees.

“Yesterday we hosted Beer School for our newer staff,” read a post on the Raleigh Beer Garden Facebook page.

“We talked about some beer history, the main ingredients used in beer, and how beer is brewed. Then we discussed some popular beer styles.”

Not into hops? Gillian said they also had an upstairs bar dedicated to wine and spirits.

“You’ll find something you wanna drink here,” she said.

The bar, located at 614 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, is open seven days a week from 11am to 2am.