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As one of the game’s to take part in October Next Fest on Steam, Aquatico turned out to be among the most popular being in the list of ‘Most Played Demos’ during the event. Now, OverSeer Games are back to announce that developers Digital Reef Games have an official release date for January 2023 and a special announcement.

After Earth’s surface became a barren and inhospitable wasteland, humanity poured their hopes into beginning a new life under the waves. Building a sustainable future, however, doesn’t come easily. Set across multiple levels of the ocean floor, players will need to survive the briny depths to build their very own utopia.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the game and its success during Steam’s October Next Fest, they have announced that the game will be releasing a brand new public Beta test beginning November 11th! The Beta event will feature two unique scenarios for players, including a “fresh start” and brand new tutorial, or a ready-built city to expand from. Players who dive in next week will also get to grips with all new features, ranging from Expeditions that allow you to send your inhabitants out into the depths of the ocean to scout and secure resources, to creating Dome connections that bridge the gap between the lower and upper levels. The Beta is also set to include pet systems, newly redesigned panels, a smart tips system, and engine optimizations.

Aquatico will officially launch on January 19, 2023, for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Are you excited enough for this underwater city-builder to take part in the upcoming Beta?

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