RPG Maker Unite debut trailer; Auto-Guide feature and Addon Manager detailed

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■ Turning the Mundane Task of Game Balancing into a Breeze!

When we talk about game creation, oftentimes most of us would first picture the arts and game play, essentially the catchiest parts of a game. However, a good game title requires a good game balance to provide a satisfying gameplay experience. Especially in the case of RPG games, parameters such as Enemy Level, Equipment Stats, Money, etc., are all elements that need to be fine-tuned to make a great game. Game developers often spend hundreds if not thousands of hours play-testing and fixing parameters, whose time-consuming nature often becomes a hurdle to become a game developer.

Good News! RPG Maker Unite comes with a new feature called “Auto-Guide” that can alleviate this time constraint hurdle in the game creation process!

■ Convenient and Easy to Use! Simply Enter Some Parameters and Let the System Do the Hard Work!

Aimed at helping game creators tuning game balance more easily, it is only natural that the Auto-Guide being super easy to use – and indeed it is!

Initially, simply set some Common Settings parameters such as Max Level, Estimated Clear Level, Max EXP, and Max HP, and the user is largely ready to go! The system will use these values ​​as basis to compute a suggested balance for many parameters common in RPG making!

—Setting some initial parameters for the Auto-Guide to compute and auto-fill parameters such as Enemy Stats!

RPG Maker Unite

—At the click of a button, enemy stats can be auto-generated using the Auto-Guide!

RPG Maker Unite

■ Auto-Guide is Also Available for Setting Class Growth Tendency and Equipment Stats!

Auto-Guide also works for auto-setting the parameters for the classes assigned to party members. Simply adjust sliders related to HP / MP balance and some stats to determine growth tendencies, and click on “Apply” button. Voila!

—Simply adjust some sliders to set class growth tendencies.

RPG Maker Unite

—Users can fine-tune the growth curves for classes too!

RPG Maker Unite

Similarly, Equipment like weapons and armor stats can also be auto filled in a similar fashion! Simply enter the intended acquisition level, and ATK / DEF values ​​and prices can then be auto generated via a simple button click !!

—Using Auto-Guide to auto set equipment stats!

RPG Maker Unite

Last but not the least, Skill potencies can also be generated using the Auto-Guide. Simply set some basic, common parameters, and check the box telling the system you want to use Auto-Guide, all values ​​and multipliers are automatically filled for you!

—Using Auto-Guide for battle related skill stats!

RPG Maker Unite

■ Addon Manager to Help Control and Manage Modifications!

While RPG Maker Unite can be modified directly in the Unity editor via C #, many users have voiced that a feature similar to the Plugin Manager found in previous RPG Maker titles that can switch on and off modifications, is much more convenient and beginner friendly. Reflecting this, we have previously announced in our Dev Log that we are implementing exactly that – which will now be called the “Addon Manager”.

Here are some of the developmental images!

Switching on / off addon modules at the click of a button!

RPG Maker Unite

—Detailed instructions and parameters by the addon author can be viewed too.

RPG Maker Unite

Clicking on the addons in the list, users can view the detailed parameters of the addon (and modify any if allowed). Instructions written by the addon authors are also displayed here too!

■ Developer Log # 6 Now Available!

In Developer Log # 6, we will explain in more details on how to use Auto-Guide will work! If you are curious, please give it a read!

RPG Maker Unite is due out for PC Street Steam and Unity Asset Store in 2022 worldwide.