Rugby Championship: Former NZ Rugby boss David Moffett calls for Mark Robinson’s resignation over Ian Foster fiasco

Former NZ Rugby boss David Moffett has called for current chief executive Mark Robinson to resign over his handling of All Blacks coach Ian Foster’s future.

Robinson’s decision to hold a press conference following New Zealand’s win over South Africa, but refusal to either back or sack the coach has been criticized by pundits and fans alike.

He was unable to confirm whether Foster will still be in charge when the All Blacks next face Argentina in the Rugby Championship on August 27.

Moffet doesn’t believe Robinson is the right man to lead NZ Rugby, and has condemned him for his treatment of Foster.

“New Zealand Rugby is looking more and more like a government department these days. They can’t make decisions, so what they have is review after review after review,” he told Newshub.

“They need to man up, certainly the chief executive does [Mark Robinson] and make some decisions.

“It is way past the time for reviews. Mark Robinson needs to make a decision here. He either needs to back [Ian] Foster or sack him, it’s as simple as that. And he needs to back him to go to the next World Cup.

“He’s left Foster hanging out to dry right from the beginning. He appointed him but he’ll never own up to a mistake, that’s not his style. He needs to own up to his mistakes, and there’s been plenty of them.

“The fact that he called a media conference and not say anything was bizarre, incompetent and showed a lack of respect for Ian Foster and that sort of thing has got to stop.

“He can’t hide behind the board and say ‘the board will make a decision’, that’s not going to work,” he said. “He runs a $ 100 million plus company, an organization with the largest public profile in New Zealand, perhaps even at times, larger than the government and he comes up with this stuff.

“I think he should stand down. There might be a role for him but here’s a guy who’s never been a chief executive of any organsation of any size.

“He was with Taranaki for a little while, but what they need is somebody with experience as a CEO, experience at dealing with the media. Somebody who will control the PR department, rather than controlling him. I don’t think he’s got it . “