Ryanair: Budget airline trolls passengers complaining about ‘window’ seats

The Irish low-cost carrier owns a ‘savage’ social media account. Photo / Lucas Davies, Unsplash

A Ryanair passenger who complained about his “window seat” has his travel woe belittled by the budget carrier.

Taking to Twitter, Marta Verse wrote to the airline about the lack of views. “Seriously @Ryanair, I paid for the window seat,” she posted, along with a snapshot of the emergency exit beside her.

The low-cost carrier’s response was economical with words.

Three hours later, the airline responded by returning the image with the tiny porthole highlighted with a red line around it.

The shrug of a response went viral online, with many seeing the funny side.

“You pay next to nothing on Ryanair so you get what you pay for,” wrote one response.

Others were even less sympathetic to the passenger. One pointed out that they had been given extra leg room, if not a great view.

The cost of window seat selection on Ryanair is $ 13.50. Its $ 27 seat selection charge is for extra-leg room seats, in exit rows.

Another hard-done-by traveler wrote “at least you got a tiny window”. The reply came from Fritz Michael – earlier this year he had paid to reserve a window seat, only to find a wall of solid fuselage and zero view.

The social media accounts of the Irish airline have been less than sympathetic recently.

Following IT outages at Dublin airport by National Carrier and rival Aer Lingus, the Ryanair account posted photos comparing the queues at their respective check in desks. Savage.

The airline and its bellicose management do not pull punches, either.

Earlier this year their CFO Neil Sorahan let rip at Heathrow Airport during summer cancellations and staff shortages.

“You had one job!” the airline’s finance chief bawled out the London Airport during a BBC interview.

For an airline that loves dishing out the dirt and pointing out the flaws of others, Ryanair is less eager to acknowledge its own shortcomings.

A TikTok video on a flight showing what it claimed to be the “dirtiest Ryanair flight ever” this summer had 2 million views. The clip showed biscuits and packaging throughout the cabin and the apparent aftermath of a food fight.

Titling the video “Avoid Ryanair”, passengers Scott and Sals said they asked cabin crew about the mess, who responded by saying they “don’t clean between flights”.

Responding to the video in a statement, seen by The Independent, a spokesperson for the airline said its aircraft were “cleaned during every turnaround”.