Samsung Galaxy S23 series leak says sizes and resolutions are same as S22 family

Don’t expect any major changes to screen resolutions or sizes

Last month, leaker Ice Universe shared the news that he believes the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will feature the same size phones we saw on the Galaxy S22 family. Now, the leaker has reaffirmed that belief and has provided us with a leak of the specifications for each model, including dimensions, screen sizes, and resolutions.

According to Ice Universe (Street GSMArena), every model in the Galaxy S23 series will match what went before, apart from changes to the dimensions. The key differences are each model is the Galaxy S23 series is a touch taller and a little bit wider. Each model still features the same screen size and resolution as the phone that went before it.

Space S22 S23 S22 Plus S23 Plus S22 Ultra S23 Ultra
Height 146mm 146.3mm 157.4mm 157.8mm 163.3mm 163.4mm
Width 70.6mm 70.9mm 75.8mm 76.2mm 77.9mm 78.1mm
Depth 7.6mm 7.6mm 7.64mm 7.6mm 8.9mm 8.9mm

According to these details, the Galaxy S23 will feature a 6.1-inch 1080×2340 display, the Galaxy S23 Plus has a 6.6-inch 1080×2340 panel, and the S23 Ultra will have a 6.8-inch 1440×3088 screen. It seems that Samsung has found the optimum size for each model in the Galaxy S23 series. We often see changes throughout Samsung’s lineup, but the specifications remain very similar for 2023’s phones.

Notably, Samsung is sticking with Full HD + resolutions for its Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus phones rather than switching back to QHD like we used to see on older generations. There’s no word in this leak on what screen technology the phones will use, and he doesn’t share specific details on other elements such as colors, camera tech, or chipsets.

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 now on shop shelves, we’re expecting to hear more and more details about the Galaxy S23 series that is expected to debut at the start of 2023. According to another leak, the Galaxy S23 Ultra may feature a 200MP camera, while it’s thought Samsung may exclusively use Snapdragon chipsets on the upcoming phones.