Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle uses your own charger

Just a couple of weeks ago, we came across a detail-barren listing for a new Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle on Samsung’s website. Now, that cradle has gone live in the UK and is on sale for a measly £ 20.

When the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro were released, a lot of users came across one specific design flaw that prevented them from laying the Watch 5 down, flush against a wireless charger. Of course, this could be remedied with a different band – one without as much elastic memory.

Seemingly made to solve this issue, Samsung had developed a new charging station called the “Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle.” Like many other watch chargers, this one lets you set a Galaxy Watch up on the charger off of a surface, allowing the bands to hang free.

Now, it seems like the Charging Cradle is live on Samsung’s UK site. While we haven’t tried purchasing, the “Add to basket” button is lit up and looks to let you complete a purchase of the cradle.

Though the price seems too good to be true, new details around how we originally speculated the cradle would work make the £ 20 price tag seem realistic. Rather than the cradle being self-sufficient with its own powered wireless charging pad, users will have to insert their own charging puck that came with the Galaxy Watch. Though this is a small downside, it does mean that the new cradle works for these watches:

  • Galaxy Watch Active 2
  • Galaxy Watch 3
  • Galaxy Watch 4
  • Galaxy Watch 5

One user on Reddit looks to have obtained some pre-production photos of the charger in action. There are some differences between what Samsung has listed on the site and what the post contains, though most of remains the same. One main difference is the location of the cable cutout, with Samsung’s photos showing an exit from the back while the post shows a corner cutout.

For whatever reason, the Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle is not available in the US at the time of writing. The listing for the cradle is live on Samsung’s US sitethough the page lacks details and a USD value, though a direct conversion would equal around $ 23 USD.

While the Charging Cradle doesn’t come with its own charging pad built-in, the ability to fit your charging puck in the holder is a nice touch. For those looking for a more personalized and generally well-made charging cradle, Samsung’s would be a good fit, even if you have to sacrifice your charging puck.

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