Shaking and stirred: iPhone 14 Pro camera not behaving with TikTok – but Apple says fix on the way

The iPhone 14 Pro. Photo / AP

Overall, I’m very impressed by Apple’s latest handsets. I’m currently trialling an iPhone 14 Pro Max, that has a lot to like on the usability, safety and photography fronts.

But when I went to scan a QR code to hire a Beam e-scooter, it took three or four goes to capture an image of the code, which kept blurring.

I thought it was a random glitch, until the following day when I tried to capture the QR code on one of Uber’s Lime scooters, and had the same jump-around grief.

At the same time, complaints started to emerge on social media from a number of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users having “shaking” issues with TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram.

It seems there’s a teething issue with the new image stabilization technology, which has caused blurry images – and, reportedly, even a rattling sound – then used with third-party apps.

An Apple Australia-New Zealand spokesperson told the Herald, “We’re aware of the issue and a fix will be released next week.”

User experience so far is that the bug does not affect Apple’s Camera app – only software made by others.

That’s good news to the degree that it indicates it’s a software problem that can be fixed via an automatic software update, rather than a more problematic hardware issue.

If the fix does arrive next week, most buyers will never realize it was ever an issue.

Initial stock of the Pro Max sold out and Spark, 2degrees and Vodafone are now listing wait times of up to two months.