Shania Twain breaks down changes since voice surgery

Shania Twain breaks down changes since voice surgery

Shania Twain has just shed some light on her singing experience after undergoing voice surgery.

Twain weighed in on everything during her most recent interview with him InStyle Magazine.

She began by pointing out how “for six or seven years” she felt her voice begin to deteriorate but only met a doctor who connected it to Lyme disease recently.

She also admitted, “After I had the surgery, I was petrified to make a sound. I didn’t know what was going to come out.

“It did scare me, but I just had to take a leap and make a sound. And I was so excited about what came out. It was a connection to the vocal cords and it came out very easily. I was really, really, really excited.”

During the course of her interview with the outlet, Twain admitted she had no intention to start singing again, till Gladys Knight and Lionel Richie encouraged her.

It was then that she started to find it “easier for me to make loud sounds than it is to make soft sounds.”

“When the air is dry, it’s harder to get that resonance. When I’m loud, it happens, which was the opposite problem before I got the surgery.”

Now though “I’m just not as worried as I was when I was younger. I’m a professional. I want things to be great. I want to be as perfect as I can be as a professional, but I’m not a perfect person.”

“I sound different. I look different and I’m OK with that. I’m fearless in that way and that motivates me,” she also added before signing off.

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