Sky Sport Now upgrade hit by glitches

Awkward timing: Some fans complained the upgrade went live just before the key clash between in-crisis Manchester United and Liverpool. Photo / Getty Images

Was it the Harry Maguire of app upgrades?

Sky’s upgrade to its Sky Sport Now app went live overnight – and is suffering some first-day teething issues.

This morning, around 6.30am as angry Manchester United fans marched against the club’s owners ahead of the 7am NZT kick-off against Liverpool, some Sky Sport Now users were taking to social media to protest a misbehaving app.

Some said the app would not load following the upgrade. Others questioned the timing, just before the hugely anticipated clash between the in-crisis United and their keenest foe.

One user asked why Sky was only upgrading its app now – to add key features including “Watch from the start / Watch from live” options – when it won English Premier League rights back from Spark in February. The new EPL season kicked off on August 5.

A Sky spokeswoman told the Herald: “The upgrade went well overnight. There was a delay with the app upgrade on Samsung TVs and our team is working urgently with Samsung to remedy.”

Meanwhile, as well as alerting people to the Samsung TV delay, Sky’s Twitter feed posted: “PlayStation 5 users need to update the app directly from the PlayStation store. All other users should ensure they are on the latest version of the app.”

While Sky’s social channels featured only a relatively small number of complaints, some Sky Sport Now users seemed to be having broader issues.

“iOS and web has it prompting me to buy a pass. Apple TV has a message saying it can’t contact the servers,” Gavin Huet told the Herald.

Several other users said they couldn’t access the app through the web.

This reporter was able to use the upgrade fine on an iPhone – albeit after logging in then setting preferences to allow the use of mobile data (Manchester United vs Liverpool would initially not play, with a pop-up message saying there was no wi-fi ). On a Windows PC, it worked fine.

The upgrade features a new “multi-view” option that lets you watch two, three or four Sky Sport channels on one screen – although the Herald found when returning to one screen, coverage reverted to the start of the game.

User Vinny McCartney cheered the addition of a watch-from-the-start option, but bemoaned the skip-ahead button had disappeared.

The final word went to David Liversidge, who tweeted, “It also appears to affected Liverpools’ performance as well.”

Sky is due to report its full-year result on Thursday.