Someone Created Mario Kart In Halo Infinite Forge

For something that still doesn’t have a fixed launch date, Halo Infinite’s Forge sure looks like the real deal. The numerous delays resulted in a lot of skepticism, but the few snippets we’ve seen of what the mode is capable of have since got the community cautiously optimistic. The player count has plummeted since launch, and 343 Industries will be hoping that this fresh content will bring it back up. And, what better way to show off the capabilities of Forge mode than via one of the most popular gaming series in existence.

Thanks to the effort of bissuetox, we now know that Master Chief and crew can take a load off with a friendly game of Mario Kart between liberation missions on Zeta Halo (thanks, PCGamesN). However, unlike you and me, the Spartans get to live Mario Kart, instead of merely playing it on a console. The Forge mode creation reveals a custom track with a Warthog attempting trial runs on it.


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Much like the kart racer, bissuetox has crafted the ability to pick up power ups – in this case, the Warthog picks up the iconic banana peel. However, in Halo Infinite, it’s represented by an entire crate of bananas, which seems about right, since it needs to spin-out a massive Warthog instead of a tiny kart. The bananas are dropped along the way, and to demonstrate their effect, the creator runs over them in the next lap, spinning-out in the process. However, unlike Mario Kart, the Warthog’s aerial controls enable it to perform some agile maneuvers. This means any racing based creation in Forge can include some twisted tracks.

If you want to create your own version of Mario Kart, bissuetox has revealed how they created the power-up system via the mode’s in-depth logic and coding system. It sure looks confusing, but this logic path results in the Warthog picking up the bananas, stowing them at the back, releasing them, and spinning out after going over them.

Recreating popular games is a staple, when it comes to creation modes. Forge isn’t even fully launched, and we’ve already seen creations resembling Half-Life 2, Mass Effect, and Titanfall among others.

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