Sonic Frontiers News Teased For Gamescom, New Area Shown

The official Sonic Twitter account is drumming up hype ahead of Sonic Frontiers‘appearance at Gamescom next week. A new image from the game has been shared, depicting Sonic in an area we haven’t seen before.

On top of this, the image is captioned with a cryptic message. “The answers are waiting just around the corner …”, the tweet reads, unclear whether this is referring to the literal corner Sonic is approaching, or the fact that a new trailer will be with us soon. Or both, of course.

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This has definitely been successful in getting fans hyped, with tons of people in the replies begging Saw for more info (thanks, Nintendo Life).


Some are wondering if this means there will be a second island to explore in Sonic Frontiers. The setting of the game has been left as a mystery so far, but we might finally have a better idea of ​​where the blue blur is adventuring when we get the new trailer next Tuesday.

Overall, fans seem to be loving the vibe of recently promotional material. Both this image and a Japanese advert put the “open zone” level design at the forefront, showing how large the new locations are in comparison to previous titles. It also seems that this game will be slightly darker in terms of its tone, while not veering into the more edgy examples the series has to offer.

Also with any luck, one of the “answers” that the tweet teases will be a release date. For months, the only timeframe we’ve had to go on is “late 2022”, and that’s fast approaching as the summer draws to a close. Games that are releasing after Frontiers have even had their launch dates confirmed. Recent leaks suggest Sega is planning to drop Frontiers November 15so hopefully, that will be confirmed during its Opening Night Live appearance on Tuesday.

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