Sony Faces $ 5 Billion USD Lawsuit Over PlayStation Digital Games Pricing

Sony is now facing a lawsuit claiming $ 5.9 billion USD from the company for allegedly “ripping people off” through its PlayStation digital game sales. According to a new report from Sky Newsthe Japanese gaming giant is being sued by a consumer rights organization in the UK led by Alex Neill which accuses the company of predatory and anti-competitive pricing for the digital versions of its games.

The filing says that Sony puts a commission of 30 percent on all games sold as well as microtransactions via its online store, resulting in higher prices for consumers. In total, up to nine million customers could receive a payout from the lawsuit, ranging anywhere from $ 79 and 61 USD.

“The game is up for Sony PlayStation,” said Neill. “With this legal action, I am standing up for the millions of UK people who have been unwittingly overcharged. We believe Sony has abused its position and ripped off its customers. ” PlayStation isn’t the only company to charge a 30 percent commission either. Back in 2021, Epic Games filed a similar lawsuit against Apple for charging the same amount for transactions made through the latter’s App Store and obtained a partial victory. Apple was forced to allow Epic Games to steer players to third-party payment options, although the court also ruled that the tech giant did not hold a monopoly over mobile gaming transactions.

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