Southern District police officer sanctioned after slap on bottom with police notebook

A police officer has been sanctioned after a member of the public received a slap on the bottom with a police notebook. Photo / File

A police officer has been sanctioned for slapping a member of the public on the bottom with their police notebook “during a casual conversation”.

The police officer from the Southern District was investigated for inappropriate behaviour, the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) has reported.

A police probe found that the officer’s actions breached the Police Code of Conduct and they were sanctioned.

“The Authority agreed with the findings and outcome of the employment investigation,” the IPCA said.


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Meanwhile, another Southern District officer has been investigated after allegations of assaulting their child while off-duty.

A criminal investigation, however, determined that while there was sufficient evidence to lay criminal charges, it was not deemed to be in the public interest to do so “due to the minor nature of the assault”.

An employment process found the officer’s actions also breached the police’s code of conduct and they were sanctioned for their actions. The IPCA also agreed with the outcome.


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