Spotify to host Stream On event in March, but it might ignore Spotify HiFi entirely

Spotify has announced an 8th March date for its second Stream On event, which begs the question: will we be getting an update on Spotify HiFi?

In February 2021, Spotify hosted its inaugural Stream On livestream to share company announcements with the world. While that included new podcast exclusives and the company’s presence in new markets, the biggest announcement was undoubtedly Spotify HiFi. So will Spotify’s 2023 Stream On address the fact that the lossless audio service still hasn’t launched yet? The company’s event announcement post (opens in new tab) doesn’t say as much. In fact, it actually doesn’t mention HiFi at all, instead stating that this year’s Stream On will build on tools, features and programming for creators using the platform for music, podcasts or audiobooks.

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