Tourist unaware of marriage proposal ruins romantic moment

Sean Munn found the perfect spot in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, to propose to his now-fiancée Jordan McGowan, but he didn’t expect to share the romantic moment with another tourist.

If a video shared on TikTok, Munn’s marriage proposal quickly goes awry. He gets down on one knee and presents a ring, but a tourist behind him appears too captivated by her surroundings to notice the couple’s engagement.

The distracted tourist shuffles close to Munn and steps over his leg while taking a photo of the waterfall in the background.

Munn and McGowan took the moment in their stride and are now happily engaged.

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“Honestly I find it funny,” McGowan wrote along with the video. “No harm done it’s a laugh to watch.”

However, some commentators believed the tourist “did it on purpose.”

“She knew exactly what was happening,” one person wrote.

The marriage proposal was still successful.


The marriage proposal was still successful.

Another added: “The way she STEPS over his foot.”

One commenter said they saw “the funny side” but added, “it’s quite concerning how completely oblivious some people are to their surroundings.”

McGowan replied to commenters saying that she thought it was “absolutely crazy how [the tourist] would miss us” but that it was “super funny to watch back on, she made the video.”

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