Trunk Launches CI Analytics for GitHub Actions

SAN FRANCISCO–()–trunka toolkit that helps developers build and ship code faster, announces today the public launch of CI Analytics. This new product allows engineers to analyze, monitor, fix and improve their workflows in GitHub Actions, adding to Trunk’s overall toolkit.

It’s difficult for one engineer to keep tabs on the performance aspect of every job in the system or run proper experiments to understand how CI workflows could impact real world performance. Backed by Initialized and a16z with $28.5 million in funding, Trunk was launched in 2021 to create a holistic developer experience toolkit. Trunk CI Analytics builds on that mission by offering teams a complete picture of their GitHub Actions with recent and historical views of their workflows, allowing them to easily validate which pieces of their CI system are healthy or in need of investigation.

With CI Analytics, we’re pulling back the curtain on the CI blackbox. Without a proper engineering intelligence solution, DevOps and engineering teams are left operating in the dark and engineers are left to guess at what parts of their build and test workflows are slowing down engineering. Trunk CI Analytics eliminates the guesswork with beautiful trend lines, anomaly alerting, and the ability to perform deep historical analysis within a few clicks. Operating without this level of engineering intelligence can be the difference between shipping code on time and slowly grinding to a halt,” said Eli Schleifer, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Trunk.

For example, CI Analytics will confirm your suspicions around the system degradation that seems to have crept in with brilliant technicolor- so you can pinpoint the exact commit that introduced that 31% increase in testing runtime. You can also determine which workflows are consuming the most machine time, how frequently they run and how often they fail.

Trunk CI Analytics is self-service and available starting today for GitHub Actions. All users receive two weeks free and the cost is $7 a month per user thereafter.

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About Trunk

Trunk was founded in 2021 to supercharge the developer experience. The company works with customers like Faire, Kodiak Robotics, Vidyard, Waabi and Replay to help their teams build software better and faster. Trunk is based in San Francisco and is backed by investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Initialized Capital with $28.5 million in funding.

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