Tyson Fury Reveals What Joyce vs Parker Will Come Down To

Tyson Fury has shed insight as to be what he believes Joe Joyce vs Joseph Parker will ultimately be determined by – and believes it will simply come down to which man wants it more on the night.

The WBC world champion told Ring TV that, for all the physical and technical qualities possessed by either man, it will be more a question of heart in the Manchester Arena on September 24th.

“This fight will come down to heart, determination, and who wants to pull it out of the bag more.”

“Joe Parker has got six or seven years on the man. He’s got speed, he’s got boxing ability, and he’s been in bigger fights. However, Joe Joyce is a big, strong, tough man and he’ll give anyone a good fight. In fact, there’s only one man that Joe Joyce does not compete against. “

Fury also stated that there was only one man in the division that ‘The Juggernaut’ would not be able to mix it with – and surprisingly, Fury wasn’t referring to himself on this occasion.

“Joe Joyce could compete against me but I’d box the face right off him and stop him.”

“The one man he can’t even compete against is Wilder. Wilder would absolutely poleaxe him. He wouldn’t be able to miss him, would he? “

High praise from Fury for the man he shared one of the great heavyweight trilogies with.

Of all the potential fights that can be made amongst the current crop of heavyweights, Fury vs Anthony Joshua still sits head and shoulders clear above the rest, with fans’ excitement having resurfaced recently following Fury’s social media callout of AJ earlier this week.