‘Unacceptable behaviour’: Australian baggage handlers filmed throwing luggage are sacked

Two baggage handlers in Australia filmed slamming luggage onto a moving conveyer belt at Melbourne Airport have been sacked.

Footage emerged last week of the Swissport employees hurling Qantas travelers’ bags, including some items that fell off the carousel because of the force used.

“An urgent investigation was undertaken into the recent behavior of two team members at Melbourne Airport who were handling customer luggage in an unacceptable manner,” the company said in a statement.

“As a result of that investigation, Swissport has terminated the employment of these individuals.”

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In the video shared on social media, a worker is seen holding a bag above his head before he throws it down onto the conveyor belt with force.

The cargo services company said that when standards were breached by a small group of individuals, it was important for the company to act.

The video shows the workers throwing luggage.


The video shows the workers throwing luggage.

In a letter to staff, Swissport chief executive Brad Moore said that disrespectful behavior involving customer’s luggage would “not be tolerated” and result in disciplinary action.

“The unacceptable behavior of a few individuals will not go unchecked nor be allowed to tarnish the quality work of our whole team,” he said after the footage was released.

A Qantas spokesperson said: “The behavior in this video is clearly not acceptable.”

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