Vivaldi browser debuts new welcome flow and performance updates for Android

Vivaldi, the free cross-platform web browser, has received a new update for Android, bringing a new set of features that will benefit users, new and old. Vivaldi 5.5 builds on past updates and offers a new startup process, optimized performance, and more.


With its latest update, Vivaldi 5.5 has a new welcome menu that makes it easier for new users to get to know the features of the browser. The company states that it has “reworked” its “welcome flow,” allowing users to understand exactly what’s happening from the first step. This specific revamp was specifically made for people that have never used the browser. With seven quick steps, users will feel comfortable yet will be given the option to customize the look and feel to their liking. If customizing the experience isn’t your thing, you won’t need to. But, if you want to add a little spice to your browsing experience, you will be able to position tabs and the address bar in a manner that suits your needs. If you want a desktop-style tab layout, you can choose that. If you want something that represents a more mobile experience, that’s also a possibility.


You can also choose color options, dark or light modes, or go even further with cosmetic options using Themes. Themes will allow you to fine-tune the little details, like adding different color accents. Of course, you’ll want privacy and security features, and Vivaldi provides these, giving options on how much or little you want to block. Finally, the company does not track user profile behavior on its mobile or desktop app. Vivaldi 5.5 also offers performance updates, integrating a new option that will automatically close inactive tabs when necessary. You can set when this happens, once a week, once a month, or every three months. If you like to keep your tabs open, you can set the browser to never close inactive tabs. Of course, all of these choices are yours. If you think it’s a good browser, you can make it your default. Otherwise, you can remove it or just keep it around as a secondary option. So, if you’re looking for something new, give it a shot by hitting the link down below.

Source: Vivaldi Technologies

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