Weekly poll results: Sony Xperia 5 IV well loved, but overpriced

Sony has always been missing one or two things from their flagship devices. The Xperia 5 mk IV is their best device yet (more ergonomic shape, wireless charger, and all the flagship essentials). The deal breakers are: Availability, Warranty, Price.

The low efficiency and overheating is less a “Sony problem” and more a problem with the last batches of Qualcomm processors. QSD 865+, 888, 888+, and QC 8g1 are affected, and it gets worse as the latter devices trade balance for benchmark-performance. We should see that fixed with the QC 8g1 +, QC 8g2 and subsequent releases.

So while I’ve been tempted before, and am very tempted now, it’s hard for me to pull the trigger. I would have to import it, which means higher than MSRP, No Warranty, and other annoying factors. And that won’t change with the mk V or mk VI.

I guess I would pull the trigger if they either; offered it in my locale, reduced price significantly (-35%), or made some clever hardware changes / improvements like switching to a more compact 17: 9 aspect ratio or something else.


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5iv = € 1050 with Linkbuds S included
Charger + cable = € 50
Total = € 1100
Overpriced to gsmarena

Iphone 14 Pro 128GB = € 1300 (only cable in the box).
Airpods gen 2 = € 159
Charger 20W = € 25
Total = € 1484
Fair price to gsmarena.

LOL !!!

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