Wii Sports’ Mii Matt Has Finally Joined Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports’ character design was met with skepticism earlier this year for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was it likely meant no Mii Matt in the sequel. Well, it seems Nintendo has been listening to those of you who have voiced those concerns, as Mii Matt, just as you remember him all those years ago, is now a part of the Wii Sports sequel.

Those who have played both Wii Sports and Switch Sports will know the characters look very different in each of the games. That appeared to mean Matt would be firmly left in the past since his archaic design di lui didn’t fit the new bill. Even though Matt does indeed look very different from the Switch Sports characters, Nintendo revealed over the weekend that he has returned, and anyone with the game can battle him (via Eurogamer).


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That’s right, you won’t be assuming the role of Matt, you will be going up against him. To do so, you will need to enter a cheat code, of sorts. “Interested in a tougher challenge in #NintendoSwitchSports? Try entering ZR + R + A or ZL + L + → on the difficulty select screen, ”Nintendo’s tweet reads. The caption alone didn’t generate much excitement, but the screenshot accompanying it shows Matt wielding a Chambara sword.

The shot also reveals Matt has been granted Legend status in the sport. So, if you fancy yourself a Switch Sports swordsperson, the difficulty has been upped and Matt is the one awaiting you. Fitting as Matt was pretty handy with a sword in Wii Sports Resort, and the final boxing champion players were tasked with defeating in the OG Wii Sports.

Selling just shy of 83 million copies, Wii Sports is the fourth best-selling game of all time. Since Matt is the most memorable charatcer from that game, there’s an argument to be made he has one of the most recognizable faces in video game history. Matt is one of the few improvements made to Swicth Sports since it launched, and those still playing remain hopeful the datamined activities discovered months ago will still be a part of the game’s future.

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