‘Will take US down with her’

Meghan Markle’s popularity branded ‘delusional’: ‘Will take US down with her’

Meghan Markle’s ongoing support for a possible presidential run is being called into question, with experts warning that she has a “zero chance of becoming US President” because of her near “zero qualifications for the job.”

This warning has been issued b Washington-based attorney Nile Gardiner, in an interview with Express UK.

While addressing the political invitation by Valerie Biden, he claimed. “Meghan Markle is clearly quite delusional if she thinks she could end up as President of the United States.”

“The fact that her name is being mentioned in these conversations is a demonstration of how desperate the American left are at the moment.”

“Meghan Markle would be a spectacular failure as a presidential contender and would not be a serious contender.”

“But the left in the US are in such a state of decline that all options are on the table with presidential candidates, and Meghan Markle’s name is being thrown around as a possibility.”

The foreign policy expert also added, “She would have zero chance of becoming US President as she has zero qualifications for the job.”

“If she ever did decide to run for the US presidency, the US public would view her as a joke candidate.”

“There would probably be a section on the far left that would support her views but the vast amount of Americans would view her as vastly unqualified for a presidential run.”