Workers at Samsung’s chip division to get massive annual bonus

It’s not uncommon for companies to provide an annual bonus to their employees as a token of appreciation. The bonus may often be based on different factors such as individual employee performance and company profits. Employees certainly look forward to it every year and Samsung is giving workers at its chip division something to be excited about.

The company is reportedly considering a massive annual bonus for employees of its chip division. It’s hardly surprising. The chip division remains one of Samsung’s most profitable businesses. So it makes sense for Samsung to handsomely reward the people behind its progress.

Samsung is rewarding its employees handsomely

local news reports out of South Korea indicate that employees at Samsung’s chip division will receive a maximum of 50% of their annual salaries as bonuses. The company will start disbursing the bonuses by the end of this month.

Samsung calls its bonus program the Overall Performance Incentive (OPI). The company has reportedly informed executives and employees about its detailed plan for this year’s bonus. Workers at its chip division couldn’t have asked for a better gift to start the new year off with. Despite the challenging economic situation, Samsung has retained the bonus percentage of 50% at the same level as last year.

Samsung Display employees will see a major jump in their bonuses compared to last year as they will also be given 47-50% of their annual salaries. Employees of the mobile division will also receive a bonus ranging from 29-33% of their annual salaries. Those at the network solutions division will be paid a bonus amounting to 22-26% of their total salaries.

Lastly, the visual display and consumer electronics division employees will receive relatively low bonuses at an 18-22% and 5-7% rate, respectively.

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