Xbox Dashboard: Gamers prefer concepts other than Microsoft

On Thursday, September 8, 2022, Xbox revealed the evolution of the home screen for our consoles. Currently in the testing phase, it is being rolled out gradually to the community of Insider members. Soon, social networks took over the topic and many hobbyist concepts started to flourish… so much so that people forgot about the official dashboard.

Evolution is more than revolution

Here’s what the future home screen of our Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles should look like. We saw it easily in our own custom article : This interface looks a bit “loaded”, while the community of players often calls for a refinement of the experience.

So the concepts of gaming enthusiasts have been published on the Internet and on social media, which shows that it will be possible to make the home screen more readable. However, Microsoft’s goal is to be commended from the start, as it has to do with the issue of “listening and learning how to […] Do a better job here while keeping [une] A quick and familiar experience.

So Microsoft isn’t looking to revolutionize menu navigation, as it might have been when the Kinect was released on Xbox 360, forcing the entire interface to be revised. Here, it’s best to be about sophistication. On our Twitter account, we brought you the hobbyist concepts by comparing them with the official dashboard, the new version. The conclusion is clear.

Concept to review?

Our September 8 survey highlighted the dashboards of three graphic content creators, presenting their version of what the new interface could be. More readable and clearer, they are welcomed and your voices go in the direction of wanting overhaul. Many of you, for example, would like to see your custom wallpaper. What the official version will most likely prevent from the visuals.

Of a total of about 200 votes, half went to Concepts 2 and 3, suggested by @souls_ninja and gts_tweets. These concepts share your vote for their polished side, inspired by what is out there at Sony. Microsoft Dashboard collects less than 15 votes. Its defenders praise continuity and impose funds. Only @ Hunter4J’s concept does less work, smaller squares error, and therefore less readable.

This community vote cannot have official or definitive value, especially since the Xbox interface has not been tested by the majority of gamers at this time. This is indicative of a trend, which is that Microsoft will be slightly below overall expectations. Of course, since this is a testing phase, this interface will evolve in the coming months. While you wait to see how, you’ll be able to appreciate the first notes, console in hand.