Xbox Fans Are Not Happy With the Elite Core Controller

The new Xbox Elite Core controllers come at a lower price point, but they seem to have quality-control issues, and fans are not happy.

Microsoft just launched the new Xbox Elite Core controller, but some fans appear to be facing issues with the device. The Elite Core controller is an alternate version of the Elite Series 2 that aims to form a middle ground between the top-end and the standard controllers. It’s available at a lower price point of $ 129.99, but it doesn’t come with all the benefits of the Series 2 controllers.

The Elite Core controller has the features available in the Elite Series 2, but users will have to pay extra to buy a separate component pack. The Core version has a rubberized grip, shorter hair trigger locks, and adjustable-tension thumbsticks, while also boasting an impressive battery life of up to 40 hours. However, it doesn’t ship with detachable parts such as the interchangeable D-pad and thumbsticks. Now, it looks like some players are facing issues with the Elite Core controllers.


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Posts on the Xbox Series X subreddit reveal that some gamers are facing quality-control problems with their new Elite Core controllers. A user named TH_Rz has shared pictures of their damaged controller as it looks like someone tried to pry it open with an object. Xbox gamers on the same post share other issues, such as the right bumper missing inputs and other button presses not being registered properly.

A player named DrunkTractorDriver claims that one of their buttons had a double click issue and even though they managed to get it replaced, the new controller also had the same problem. Other users also share the issues they faced with both series of the Elite controllerwith fans recommending them to try devices from third-party manufacturers.

Perhaps the most significant evidence comes from user DamiK030, who has posted a short clip of an issue with the Y button of their Elite Core controller. In one of the comments, DamiK030 mentions that the Elite controllers are awesome when they work and they would love to have one that functions as intended. In one of the comments, a player claims to have gone through four Elite controllers that all had the same problem with the right bumper.

Many fans agree that the standard Xbox controllers don’t have the same quality control issues, so it’s unfortunate that the Elite series continues to have defects. Sony recently announced its own version of a pro controller called the DualSense Edgeand it’ll be interesting to see if it suffers from any widespread issues like the Elite controllers.

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