Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family launches and it’s one hell of a deal

Microsoft has officially launched Game Pass Friends and Family in Ireland, confirming the details and pricing for the new subscription plan too.

After a period in beta, all gamers in Ireland can now sign-up or upgrade their current Xbox plan for € 21.99 a month, with support for up to four additional people. That means it’ll cost each member around € 4.40 a month for full access to Ultimate Game Pass. Considering a single membership costs € 12.99 a month, that’s quite the saving if you can assemble a crew to split the costs.

Unlike other subscription services, this isn’t limited to households or family. You can have a subscription linked to your friends and fellow gamers, with all enjoying the same benefits and their own individual accounts. It also allows those members to play games together online, or the same game at the same time separately.

Those benefits include hundreds of games via Game Pass, including day one access to first-party titles. It includes access on console, PC, and the cloud, as well as an EA Play membership. It also includes all of the Xbox Live benefits, like Games With Gold and online play.

Gamers in Ireland can now join the plan, by heading to and sending invitation emails to add people to the plan. Once that friend or family member accepts the invitation, they’ll be able to start playing.

Right now, it’s only possible to share the membership with people in Ireland. Those signing-up with time left on their current plan will get a conversion ratio; for instance, 30 days on Game Pass Ultimate converts to 18 days on Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family.

There’s no word yet on when it will launch in the UK, but we’ll keep you posted. Right now the only other available territory is Colombia.